3 thoughts on “Infographic: The Legacy of Robert C. Byrd

  1. Madeline Stoltz says:

    I really like your infographic! The color scheme and images work really well together.

    As far as the information goes, I, uh, kind of expected “member of the KKK” to be more prominent. I understand that we have to note how complicated historical figures are (no one is all good or all bad), but I guess I’m just of the mindset that someone so explicitly racist doesn’t even deserve an infographic about them.


    1. eulanet says:

      What wasn’t included in the infographic was that once the Democratic party moved away from the party of Southern whites to a more open organization, Byrd himself transformed to reflect that change. He was actually at the forefront of desegregating offices in the Senate and hiring African American staff members and fully embraced the party’s platform of being open to all. He also apologized for his membership in the KKK and talked extensively about regretting it. He was also a strong supporter of national progressive candidates, like Hillary Clinton. For this reason, it was displayed as minor part of a larger story.


  2. Lauren Shiplett says:

    Wow! I loved this infographic. I think you did a really great job of showing how one man could do so much good for his home state for so long, while also having his own personal downsides and issues. I think that the choice to make his career into an infographic was smart, too, because it could be quantified and tells a story about one man’s life. I think you did a great job putting together the graphics to make the infographic informative and easy to read. Honestly – this looks like something his office would have put together. Great job.


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